Gender Leadership

Better utilization and management of GenderLeadership© and diversity is one of today’s most overlooked tools for improving your business, brand and market position.  Michael Gurian and his associates provide proprietary GenderLeadership© and effectiveness programs including:

  • Senior Leader and Board Gender Awareness Programs

  • Partner/Manager Development and Training

  • Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Client Service Programs and Training

  • Executive Coaching

  • GenderLeadership© Consulting…and much more.



We are proud to offer the finest state-of-the-art training and keynotes in how men and women think, work and lead.  New York Times bestselling author Michael Gurian is one of the world’s foremost authorities in gender effectiveness.  Working together as women and men is one of the greatest challenges we will each meet–personally and in corporate environments.  If the Gurian Institute Corporate Division (GICD) can help your firm meet the challenges of a 21st Century workplace and markets, please contact us.To learn more about Mind Edge, our training partner in Asia Pacific, click here. 
“Michael is an excellent speaker and his presentation on Leadership and the Sexes to Entrepreneurs’ Organization was insightful, impactful, and a must-hear topic for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their company. His scientific approach to the differences between men and women in business is fascinating, and our members couldn’t stop asking questions during the Q&A. I would not hesitate to bring Michael in to speak to any leadership group.”
Jeremy Brandt, CEO of 1-800-CashOffer and President of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Dallas Chapter
If you specifically want  Michael Gurian to provide consulting, training or a keynote, please let us know as well. In-depth contact information is here, or you can email us directly at read more about our genderleadership work in action, click here.

Gender Awareness Programs

Senior Leader and Board Gender Awareness Programs

Development and Training

Partner/Manager Development and Training

GenderLeadership© Consulting

Executive Coaching, Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Client Service Programs and Training